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Multi-Family Homes in DELCO

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Multi-Family Homes in DELCO can be a great way for you to benefit from the new administration.  Under Ronald Reagan the family home part of the real estate market shot up 79% from January 1981 to December 1988.  Imagine having an opportunity to purchase a multi-family unit, live rent free and watch your investment rise 79%. Under very similar economic policies as those put forth in the first 100 days of the Reagan administration the new Trump administration may make the above a reality for many Americans.

Multi-Family Homes in DELCO

What makes a multi-family home a good investment?

  • Location
  • How you maintain the property
  • Having full occupancy

O’Connor Construction LLC has the experience to help you with 1,2, and 3.  There is a very delicate balance to deciding how much money you want to spend on the renovation and upkeep of rental property. Thru years of being a part of the business community Tom O’Connor has a team of real estate and home inspection professionals that can tell you exactly what to expect in rental income, what needs to be done to bring the property up to code and what amenities tenants expect at a price point/location.

You can do this!  The dream of having an income producing property can be yours.  If you have located a property recently or are interested in learning more about the ROI available in the multi-family home market, contact Tom.   A great contractor, experienced in rehabbing rental properties with a strong team behind him allows you to be confident in your role as Land Lord.

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