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Trump Card

Your Home is going UP!
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Trump Card – Your Home

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Trump Card – Your Home is going up and up and up.  Like him, love him or go out and protest that he is misogynist, xenophobic pig; Donald Trump is about to make home owners a lot of money.  Why? Because, the economic plan in the first 100 days of the Trump administration shares many of the elements found in the economic plan of Ronald Reagan’s first 100 days.  This means that we can expect a similar result in the economy. The stock market is already showing 1980 post election up-turn.

 Trump Card – Your Home and Statistics

What happened exactly to the prices of new homes in America under Ronald Reagan?  January 1981 the median home price in America was 67,600 dollars with an average home sale price of 80,700 dollars.  Per the United States Census ( Ronald Reagan said, “Good-by” to American families in December 1988 with a median price of 121,00 and an average price of 147.700.  His 8 years in office produced an approximate 79% rise in property value.

Under the Barack Obama administration median home prices rose from 208,600 January 20th 2009 to (latest statistic available on Y charts September 2016, 234,200.  This represents a 12.3% rise in the value of your home over an 8-year period or an overall average gain of 1.53% per year.

Trump Card – Your Home as an Investment

Knowledge is power when it comes to deciding where to put your money.  If you look at history as a guild to the future; your home will increase in value at a much higher rate over the next ( 4-8 years ). Get ready for this increase in value by adding the two major “value” propositions to a home; a new kitchen and a guest bathroom.  Enjoy the beauty and luxury of your dream kitchen and convenience of a guest bathroom as the value of your home “pays” for the upgrade.  What could be better than a FREE kitchen and bath when the numbers get crunched?

trump card

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